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The Real Issue with Millennials in the Workplace

By now, you've probably experienced, heard, or at least read various stories regarding millennials and workplace conduct. There is much controversy on this subject as millennials have been ridiculed, scientifically studied, and even praised in the recent past. Unfortunately, the most popular discussion is the struggles with millennials in the workplace. Many have blamed the issues on the laziness and entitlement of the millennial generation. While there may be some level of truth, these are just a mere portion of the problem. The real issue with millennials in the workplace is soft skill ineptitude.
Job specific skills (also known as hard skills) are the key factor in obtaining, at the least, some form of job interview. Many are unaware that soft skills are the key component in the possibility of a candidate receiving an offer for employment. Inevitably, hiring managers base the majority of their decision on how well candidates interview. In other words, the decision is based on the candidates soft skills (also known as interpersonal skills). Soft skills needed in the workplace include time management, written and oral communication, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, etc., and many believe that this is common knowledge or that all individuals possess them, when in reality that is not the case. 
Though many may possess soft skills, these are often learned through experience or some sort of exposure. In the classroom, millennials were taught mathematics, literature, history, and sciences; however, very seldom was there curriculum on the basic principles for succeeding beyond the classroom. Of course, some career tech or co-op students had the option to learn more about appropriate conduct in the workplace; however, many students aren't educated on the matter. Even today, the mandatory curriculum taught through the collegiate level does not include what's needed to succeed in the workplace.
Millennials are very intelligent and in many cases have brought a new, fresh perspective to how companies are conducted. The false pretenses in many horror stories heard about millennials is not due to incompetence, laziness, or even entitlement. Most of these 'issues' can be easily resolved by educating on appropriate behavior in the workplace.

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